Stiles and Derek in the sneak peek for 4.06 “Orphaned”

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Some Sterek stuff I found for goredivide


If only you knew. When you’re gonna leave, I will be alone with sad memories.

Awwh❤️ they NEED each other .


 i love when Derek helps him <3

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Part two of the commission for stilesanderek, thank you so much for commissioning me! <33 Barista!Stiles meets actor!Derek and turns out they’re soulmates. The clocks on their arms show how much time is left until they meet their soulmate. (Clisk on the pictures for higher resolution.)

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Sterek picture 1-50 

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Teen Wolf Sterek AU Prompt

There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin.

"Stiles, look at me." John swallowed as his son’s eyes rolled to meet his briefly before sliding back down to stare at the long metal table. "The sooner you answer these questions for Deputy Parrish, the sooner I can take you home."

Stiles huffed and chewed at his lip anxiously, but remained silent.

“Stiles? We interviewed a few people while we were looking for you that told us your relationship with Derek has been going on for quite some time. Coach Finstock said he noticed Derek waiting for you outside the school on several occasions?” Parrish asked, leaning down to level the seventeen year old with a soft look.

Stiles shrugged, his eyes flickering to the door, “It’s not like we ever did anything. Derek doesn’t like PDA, he just wanted to make sure I-” he paused before sighing, “He wanted to make sure I got home safely.”

"What would threaten you on your way home?" John asked, eyebrows drawn together.

Stiles huffed out a self-depreciating laugh, “I know it’s hard for you to believe, but high school isn’t the best four years of your life for someone like me unless you enjoy getting the shit beat out of you on the daily.”

The Sheriff flinched and opened his mouth, but was cut off by a knock at the door. He nodded to Parrish who smiled back and gave his son one last look before slipping out of the room.

Melissa McCall was standing in the hallway, wringing her hands nervously. “How’s Argent?” John asked quietly, guiding her over to their surveillance room with a hand on her elbow. They stopped in front of the two-way mirror and watched for a moment. “Fine,” Melissa said, not taking her eyes off the boy in the other room, “He’s got some bruises from where Hale tried to strangle him, but he’s fine.”

"He wasn’t supposed to threaten Stiles," John muttered angrily, his grip on the coffee cup she handed him tight. "But he said Stiles tried to defend Hale. What he calls teenage romance I call Stockholm Syndrome."

In the other room they could hear Parrish asking Stiles more questions. “Your friend Scott told us that you used to talk to him about Derek sleeping over at your house. Did he sneak in to be with you?”

Stiles shifted and made a strained face, “I… Only on the days that Dad worked night shift and I asked him to.”

"Why did you ask him to?" Parrish pushed gently.

"Just haven’t been sleeping well, it’s easier when he’s there." Stiles mumbled, dropping his head to rest on the cool metal table, "Please just let me see him."

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