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did I fall or was I pushed?
then where’s the blood?

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-You. I like you.

- Stiles… you’re drunk.

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"Like a hyperactive spazz?"


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Steter AU: Stiles and Peter work at an IT company and have been trying to one-up each other since day one. It takes months but pranks and snarls turn to easy banter and teaming up on their coworkers. Suddenly they’re spending time together outside work hours and learning things they’d never know otherwise. It all comes to an end when a joke turns to Peter cooking dinner for Stiles and both of them having a little bit too much to drink. The sex is just as fiery as their work relationship, but so much more satisfying.

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Steter AU - Just like that Peter had dumped him, acting like he’d never mattered. Stiles had begged him for an explanation that never came, had been left to toss and turn for nights, asking himself over and over what he’d done to deserve this. Peter never told him that he knew that Stiles was way too good for him, that he never deserved him. He’d only wanted to protect Stiles from himself, failing to realize how much he’d hurt him in the process.


Steter AU - Stiles offers to give Peter anything he wants in exchange for Lydia’s life, only he doesn’t quite know exactly what Peter wants — him.

Edit: Now with accompanying fic.

But I can’t stop staring in those evil eyes.

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Someone mentioned Peter twins.

Twin!Peter Steter AU - Seeing as Peter and Ian were twins, people often assumed they liked the same things. In some respects, they were right. So after a few messy situations, they’d come to an agreement - they would no longer meddle in each other’s relationships.

But that didn’t mean they would deny each other their fun.


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